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All-Pro Roof Washing



All-Pro Roof Washing
All-Pro Roof Washing
All-Pro Roof Washing


All-Pro Roof Washing

Residential Roof Cleaning

All-Pro Roof Washing

Commercial Roof Cleaning

All-Pro Roof Washing

Algae, Moss, and Lichen Removal

All-Pro Roof Washing

Mold Prevention


All-Pro Window Cleaning & Power Washing is Massachusett’s industry leader in roof soft washing and exterior cleaning.  Algae, moss, and lichens all like to live on your roof. They can often make your roof appear blotchy or stained, and can often lead to gutter and shingle damage, as well as reducing the overall lifespan of your roof. All-Pro provides roof soft washing services that will clean and help prevent these growths.

If you live in Woburn, Winchester, Reading, North Reading, Lynnfield, Stoneham, Wakefield, Andover, and surrounding areas and are tired of seeing dirt, mold, and mildew pile up on your roof get in touch!

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Roof soft washing is treated and handled differently than other forms of washing. Typically, a roof wash is recommended when organic growth begins to spread on the roof- dark roofs with mold streaks, algae roofs, mossy roofs etc. are typically the most common.

Often this growth happens because of dark, shady spots that don't get to fully dry out and that lack of sunlight will create natural growth.

Even though you might see this organic growth in other areas of your house, the roof should be treated with more attention and care;  you really don't want your roof to be experiencing heavy water pressure to the foundation as it can cause potential damage.

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The colder months can also take their toll on your roof. Snow, ice, and debris can damage your shingles and allows water to seep into your roof. When this water freezes it will lead to cracks in your roof. Having your roof cleaned consistently by a professional will help reduce the chance of your shingles and roof being damaged. All-Pro provides roof soft washing services that will clean and help prevent these growths.

"I used All Pro Window cleaning services on our home. Words can not express how above and beyond Fil went on our home to make sure that the home looked brand new. He was very professional and had the job done in a timely manner. I would recommend him to any friends and family. Unbelievable service."
-Matthew R.
"Fantastic .job . .... very very happy with this company. Dan and Phil were so professional and did a quality job at a great price. Highly recommend them."
-Charlotte S.
"The best around! If you haven’t had an outdoor power wash and cleaning it is worth it"
-Alex G.
"Fill and the All-Pro team lived up to their name and more when they power washed my patio and cleaned my windows. Fill is very thorough, genuine, and these guys do business the right way. Absolutely recommend the All-Pro team"
-Bernard S.
"I hired All-Pro to power wash my front stairs, garage, and patio. They did an awesome job! They were on time, quick, and professional. I am very much looking forward to hiring them again!"
-Fiona O.
"The work they provide is Fantastic! Super professional, very detailed and pretty fair priced. They worked out a great bundle package for me and provided power washing, window cleaning and gutter cleaning. Will for sure use these guys again"
-Diane A.
"I went through 4 power wash companies in 2 years and no one did a better job than All-Pro Cleaning. They were the only company who truly payed attention to detail and made sure all surfaces were spotless. My house wasn’t “just a job” They make sure each property is perfect. It’s the precision that makes them standout."
-Chris K.


Our business proudly serves the North Shore, Greater Boston, and Southern New Hampshire areas. All-Pro Window Cleaning, LLC is a locally owned and operated company, meaning you’ll receive unmatched quality, service, and the value of knowing you’re supporting your local community. We appreciate your business and your choice to shop locally.

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